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Jersey Shore Medium Linda Shields

OCT 24


Tickets starting at $22.50 

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Spend an October evening with the Jersey Shore medium, Linda Shields as she connects with loved ones who have passed. Linda has been using her psychic senses for over 52 years, since the age of 8, and was helped by her grandmothers to understand and use these senses.  Linda can use the psychic senses of hearing, tasting, smelling, and physical felling or being an Empath during a reading.  She smells, or tastes something  that only the person she's reading can connect with who has passed.  She feels pain of how they may have died, or what they are feeling right before they pass over, or the pain of someone who they have left behind and who they may now have concern for, and want to help.

Linda will be your translator there to help you understand what is being said by Spirit.  Spirit will often let us know what is going on in our lives, how they are trying to help, and what may be coming so that we can be aware of possible changes coming ahead.

Linda wants to help as many people in her lifetime as possible to find peace, understanding and closure.

Must be 21 or older to attend.